Volkswagen wants to produce electric cars with minimal CO2 emissions at all stages of production

Volkswagen AG is increasingly deepening in the production process of electric cars with zero CO2 emissions.

In his new presentation, for example, the first electric vehicle I. D., as the next-generation car, the company shows why it will remain environmentally friendly throughout its life if the owner will charge it with green energy.

Production concept the production model I. D. with the reduction of CO2 emissions ©

According to the presented concept, Volkswagen wants to solve the problem of CO2 emissions at different stages, including the production of cars.

According to the company, only at the production stage “ID carbon footprint” will be reduced by more than 1 million tons of CO2 per year.

The company’s portfolio within the concept of “green” electrification ©

The group wants to use green energy throughout the supply chain of electric vehicles and for businesses.

The following slide, VW shows that today the electric car company already emit less CO2 than conventional cars:

A comparison of the CO2 emissions for example diesel, gasoline, plug-in hybrid and an electric VW Golf ©

The company has a lot of suggestions on reducing pollution in the production of electric cars available in the presentation:

How to decrease CO2 emissions according to the concept VW ©

What was the main reason of growth of CO2 emissions over the last 260 years ©

The main culprits of global CO2 emissions ©

The use of “green” energy in the production of batteries reduces the CO2 emissions by 80% ©

A lot of CO2 emissions can be reduced by the extraction of raw materials and manufacture materials and components ©

The problem of cobalt — most of the world production comes from the country with difficult production conditions ©

Recall, Volkswagen has created an energy company that will develop the charging infrastructure and renewable energy.

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