Volvo and Google have announced the release of a new generation of Android Auto with the new electric car Polestar 2

Volvo and Google have announced that the new version of Android Auto will come with a new, all-electric car Polestar 2 (from the subsidiary brand Volvo — Polestar). Android Auto will work regardless of Android phones. He will also be able to manage such aspects of the vehicle, such as cabin heating, which are not controlled by the current mobile version of Android Auto.

The first official photo-tizer electric Polestar 2 ©

A big plus transition to full-fledged infotainment device based on Android is that Google Assistant will be able to control all functions of the car, allowing drivers to adjust cabin heating, speaker volume and other elements of comfort without interacting with the console and a touch screen.

Google and Volvo first announced the partnership at Google I/O in may 2018. The new version of Android Auto will allow drivers to search for and download apps.

In a recent interview with The Verge, the representative of the Amazon’s Dave Limp mentioned that the next important direction of the company will be developing apps for cars. I wonder if companies like Apple and Amazon, to create a futuristic infotainment platform, or their efforts will be focused on equipment that is connected to the vehicle, such as platforms Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

The Verge was able to test the new version of Google’s Android Auto and Volvo at Google I/O 2018. Operating system (OS) running on the Android Pie, and in some parts of the OS have slight hints of the iconography of Google, but it is not too similar to the design of Google. Instead, the OS is more reminiscent of a Volvo design.

The screen displays information about the playing music and directions from Google Maps and other contextual information. The infotainment system is not the only interesting thing in the new electric car. Volvo Polestar develops 2 to compete with the Tesla Model 3, therefore, this electric motor has an output of 400 HP and a cruising range on one charge is about 480 km. the Price of the electric vehicle to be comparable to Model 3, which means that the novelty will cost from 53 000 to 66 000 USD. The first electric car from Volvo Polestar 2 will debut in 2019.

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