VW invests $ 800 million in us plant for the production of electric vehicles

Volkswagen AG has announced that Chattanooga, Tennessee, will be the North American base company producing electric cars.

Reinforcing the company’s commitment to the future of electric mobility, is an extension of the presence of Volkswagen in the U.S. will include the investment of $ 800 million in a plant in Chattanooga and create 1,000 jobs at the plant and additional jobs at suppliers.

Chattanooga will be the first specialized enterprise in North America, which will produce new electric vehicles on the platform of the MEB.

In addition to the plant in Chattanooga, Volkswagen is building the first dedicated plant for the production of electric cars in Zwickau, Germany, where by the end of 2019 will begin manufacturing the first electric vehicle from the I. D. on the platform of the MEB.

Volkswagen will also add production of electric vehicles at facilities in the Ante and Foshan in China in 2020, and in the German cities of Emden and Hanover by 2022.

“The United States is one of the most important places for us, and the production of electric vehicles in Chattanooga is a key part of our growth strategy in North America,” said Herbert Diaz, CEO of Volkswagen AG. “The management team led by Scott Keogan aims to continue to increase our market share in the coming years. Together with our regular investment and increase local production, we strengthen the basis for sustainable growth of the Volkswagen brand in the United States.”

Last year it was reported that VW is looking for places in the United States for the construction of a plant for the production of electric vehicles, but now the company has confirmed that it will expand in its current location in Chattanooga, where it will begin producing electric vehicles in 2022.

“We can be proud that we are building the future of electric mobility here in the U.S.,” said Scott Keogh, CEO and President of Volkswagen Group of the USA. “We are known as the “people’s car” and the cars will be based on this tradition.”

Worldwide Volkswagen Group plans to invest nearly $ 50 billion (44 billion euros) by 2023 for the development and production of electric vehicles. The only brand of Volkswagen predicts sales of 150 000 electric vehicles by 2020 worldwide, increasing it to 1 million by 2025.

Electric crossover I. D. CROZZ © media.vw.com

The first electric car which will be produced in Chattanooga will be a fully electric crossover based on the concept of I. D. CROZZ in 2022, and then will be an electric van I. D. BUZZ.

Last year, VW announced that its plant in Zwickau will be the first that will produce electric cars, and have since announced two other factories that will produce electric cars in Europe.

Now they claim that by 2022 they will have 8 plants on 3 continents that will produce electric vehicles on the basis of its new platform, MEB.

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