WiTricity is buying up patents to create a universal induction charging for electric vehicles

WiTricity has acquired a technology platform Halo Qualcomm and several patents in the field of contactless energy transfer. The company said the acquisition will help to accelerate the market launch of wireless charging for electric vehicles.

Technology Qualcomm Halo wireless electric vehicle charging © electrive.com

The deal will make Qualcomm a minority shareholder of WiTricity, and WiTricity, in turn, will increase the number of patents related to wireless charging of up to 1500.

According to the CEO of WiTricity Alex Gruzen, the introduction of technology Qualcomm Halo in the portfolio WiTricity will facilitate global interoperability and greatly accelerate the commercialization of induction charging, one of the biggest drawbacks currently is that the inductive station of the individual brands cannot be used by different manufacturers.

We will remind, in the future will be launched technology that can charge an electric car in motion.

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